Have you ever longed for something for so long, worshiped it, yearned for it,, prayed for it with wet lashes and hands folded, that something that brings you on your knees over and over again….??

That one thing which is the central gravitational force holding your whole world together, around which your universe dances and praise..

That very thing that makes you run blindly, barefoot, head over heels, on the slightest chance of you getting closer to it…

Have you worked for it for so long that you’ve lost count of days and years and all facts and figures.. That it seems like that very thing has belonged to you even before your soul came to existence.. An immortal relationship of you and your longings….

But what if, what if it all just disappears.. not the things that you desire, but that feeling.. of running into walls for it, that hunger, that languish, that ache, that hope, that spirit, that reckless courage it instilled into your very pores… What if all of it, becomes merely a vague illusion.. What if you sleep at night like any other ordinary day, and wake up in the morning, feeling Numb!!


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