Too often we are fooled by this whimsical notion that we are the masters of our destiny… The reigns of everything around us lies in our mighty hands and things may have been much different if we acted otherwise… “If I said this instead of that.. If only I took those steps… If only I asserted a little more.. My fate would have been ameliorated, my life would have been an emblem of perfection!”

What we fail to realize is, it’s absolutely the other way round… The things that surround us are actually the in command! I tried… I did everything possible.. Ran in every direction… Searched all the dry wells.. But when the things that surround us want to go the other way, we cannot possibly hold the reigns of all forces  together… We assert! We try! We moan! We beg! But then the epiphany occurs waking us from the fool’s paradise.. We realize even if we don’t give up.. we cannot make everything else to work with us..

Sometimes we’re just Helpless!


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