“I am broken”, she resisted..

“And I’m a mechanic,

Spent my whole life fixing things”, he insisted..

“Did you ever fix a living tragedy”? she asked..

“There’s always a first time”, he reassured!

25 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Awesome!!! Can’t wait to begin exploring your very curious mind πŸ™‚ I’m kind of lazy and will truly appreciate whenever you create any such piece, pls. hop onto my blog waking me up from my beautiful deep snooze. I love sleeping and dreaming (of my love).

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  2. continued….

    β€œSo, on the expense of my life, you want to experiment and learn?” She asked

    β€œYou’re already broken and… ” He paused, looking at her from head to toe.

    β€œThere’s not much left there to be fixed but I can still try.” He said keeping his gaze down.

    She came closer to him and raised his chin with her hand. Looking in his eyes, she said;

    β€œOk, I’m ready. Go ahead…”

    The camera shifts the view upwards to the tree and the sky, where all birds start flying away.

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      1. Can’t promise anything except I see budding writers like yourself rarely leaving something to be said or imagined. I have had a similar situation in real life like this particular piece of yours and gave it an old-movies’ happy ending in my previous comment. Thanks for liking it.

        I have an idea. How about we do a collaborative writing project here on your blog i.e. you write a piece, I follow it up in the comments section. Then you add up your own follow-up to mine and a story (no matter how long) forms. What do you think?

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      2. Thank you very much, such appreciation coming from a powerful writer like you, is itself very encouraging…
        I love your idea on collaborative writing (exciting), let’s work on it and see where the story goes… 😊

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