“As doctors we’re taught, when a part of our body becomes gangrenous (body tissue dies due to loss of blood supply), we have to surgically remove it.. Right?” he asked looking at the scalpel in his hand shining in it’s glory..

“Yeah, that’s right! Even if it’s your right arm.. Else, it will spread to your whole body and damage vital organs!” the surgeon kept his gaze fixed on the dead body, collecting evidence for the autopsy..

“But, what if it is a vital organ that you cannot possibly survive without?” he leaned over the body, placing his hand on it’s exposed heart.

“What are you even talking about?” his gaze shifted to the resident’s face, which was paller than the one on the table.

“Nothing.. I guess we have to figure out some things on our own,” he said as he walked out of the room firmly holding the scalpel.

“Well, God’s created this miracle of a body meticulously.. We human beings have this amazing ability to survive, even if it’s cancer.. But sometimes, we don’t!

Look at the sky, dark and hollow… How many lives did you engulf to become this dark and gloomy? How many nights I spent looking at you, shedding silent tears? But who will cry for me, if I don’t survive? No one.

My heart is my biggest enemy… How long will I hold on to a gangrene? Tonight I’ll rip it out and see what happens, either it will adapt or perish.”

He raised the scalpel to his chest as water started pouring over his head.

That night, the sky cried for him with all it’s might.

6 thoughts on “Gangrene

  1. I don’t know why but I feel like whatever you write, I have to complete or at least add some of my piece to it. Its strange I don’t feel like that with anyone else’s writings. Not because your writing needs any such help of mine, etc. Actually I like it so much that as compared to others, I do want to join your story from where you left. So, here goes my write-up (or must I say follow-up) for this one;

    Next morning, he woke up feeling strangely light. Light as in feather-weight spirit. He could easily feel his body which felt quite powerful as if new life had been injected in. He got up from the bed and went in front of mirror. Obviously, his heart was missing since last night and therein was a tiny hole instead, which he quickly covered with a nice-looking badge reading “Free At Last”.

    When he reached office, the girl at reception told him that there was a voice-mail left for him. He proceeded to his cabin and pressed the voicemail button. It was her, Monica. His Ex. She had called after long time. His coffee almost slipped from his hand. He could not believe his ears when he heard her voice;

    “Amir, Its me, Monica. I did not have your new number so I called your office. I am sorry for everything. I was confused. Last night, when there was this huge thunder, suddenly I felt as if someone ripped out my heart. I felt
    restless. I could not sleep whole night. Every single word you said. Every single move you made. Every single moment of us being together, continued playing over and over in my head. I must have hurt you a lot. Probably, that is the reason I feel like this. Even though there’s nothing we can go back to. But still, I feel like I lost my only friend in this world.

    My new boyfriend Dick loves me and he knows about you too. I don’t think he will mind us being friends again since he is not a jealous type.I love him and I love you too. Not in the sense like we had before, but I want us to be friends again. I miss you Amir. Call me whenever you can. I hope you will forgive me for all the pain I caused you and let me hug you like we used to. My number is 407-123-4567. Please do call me whenever you get this. Can’t wait to hear your voice.”

    He played her message over and over until his co-worker got up from the other cabin, requesting him to at least plug his headphones in as her voicemail was being heard all over the office. Embarrassed, he quickly plugged his headphones in. But without playing her message again, he just started gazing at the trees across his office through the glass window.

    After thinking for a while, he went out of the office and called her via his cell phone. Their conversation went like this;

    Monica: Hello

    Amir: Hey…

    Monica: Ameeeer… is it you? I can’t believe this. How are you?

    Amir: Oh well, I’m fine. Actually feel strangely better than ever this morning. Can we talk now?

    Monica: Sure Amir, go ahead. I hope everything is ok.

    Amir: Mmmm… everything is not ok, at least for both of us. I don’t think you should have called.

    Monica: Yes, you are right. I had to eat a lot of my own pride before calling you. Since last night, I feel very strange. I am not same like I was before.

    Amir: I feel the same way too. You may not believe this but last night, I took the courage to rip my heart out.

    Monica: What?

    Amir: Yes, I did it finally. I ripped your heart out of me last night right under those thunderous and pouring skies. That’s why you feel the way you feel. I would have never called you but there’s nothing except a hole left in my chest now. I want you to return my heart and take yours back.

    Monica: You definitely lost your mind. How is that even possible?

    Amir: You will never get it. If there is this tiniest bit of my love or respect left in your eyes, you’d simply say these words and we will hang up for good to never call each other back. Hereby, I give you back your heart and accept my heart back.

    Monica: Now you are having me worried for you. If that helps you, I will do it. I give you back your heart and accept mine back.

    Amir: Thank you. bye.

    Monica: (with clear sadness in her voice) Ok, bye Amir

    After hanging up the phone, he looked to the sky with a smile and removed his badge. His chest was now filled with his own brand new heart which was beating with full strength, pumping blood to his body and to the face which was brimming with joy.

    A new beginning awaited him.

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    1. Thank you Amir! I appreciate that you like my writings so much.. and I like how you add a twist to the story.
      Most of all, the title is very comforting and liberating, “Free at last”.. thank you again and keep sharing your beautiful thoughts! 😇

      Liked by 1 person

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