She looks like a star from a distance, you’d wish to stare at for a while..

Making the darkest nights glow with a simple touch, a single smile..

But when you get closer only to find, that she is no star but a lost meteorite..

Struggling to survive on a lonely planet, now that it’s home is destroyed..

She weaves a perfect web around herself, enslaving her soul inside..

I keep searching for a loophole to free her and escape to the mountains wide..

Neither her love, nor her beauty, there’s nothing that I ask for..

Just an urge to heal a wound, on an angelic soul so kind and pure..

So why don’t you take my hand, and let me ease your pain..

When you’ve got nothing to lose, and I have nothing to gain..

®Hira Chaudhry

Image courtesy:

17 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Yes, I believe Anne sees the reversal you portrayed with the poem, even as we see you as a shining star, you, yourself are just the meteorite. Lit up for the moment as you enter the atmosphere, only to crash somewhere, maybe never to be found.
    When you’ve got nothing to lose, and I have nothing to gain..solidifies the honest desire to find the soul of the protagonist, and ease their pain…to heal their wound. Pretty heavy stuff girl.
    I have an overactive imagination, and as I read this (twice), the second time I saw you soaring through the skies and saying this to the reflection you saw, as you crossed over a lake.

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    1. Your imagination is beautiful indeed and reading your comment I imagined a meteorite, shining bright reflecting over a lake just before it touched the ground turning to dust forever…
      Well that’s the only thing humanity is thriving on, to love and support but not ask for anything in return..those few people, the healers absorbing the pain of others with their love…


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