Bring me the warmth,

of the lies of your love..

It’s been too cold,

too true..

18 thoughts on “Cold

    1. Usually I feel glad when someone says my writings are relatable to them, but when it’s something so cold and sad as this… It’s heartbreaking.. But now you know, you’re not alone! Thanks for your appreciation ☺️

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      1. You’re welcome! It’s good you express your emotions with poetry. As heartbreaking as it may be, you’re still exposing the other sides of emotions that makes it art.

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  1. The truth is always stark
    And bare, and cold..
    Wish there was enough warmth
    Enough duvets, enough lies to hold..

    Just beautiful, deep n profound!

    I need to learn to say more in less, the way you so amazingly did here.

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  2. Whenever I’m feeling lonely, I too would welcome the lies, just to have someone breathing near me.
    That farther back I go in your postings, the deeper we get into you. I will dream in shorter quips of emotion, and see if this style works for me. At least in my dreams.
    This one is the best yet.
    I hadn’t written a short story in decades, until Sara in LaLa Land offered us the challenge, and it sprung from me like water from a well. I was pleased with it, but this evokes much more passion.
    This poem is one that I feel I could do.
    Do you have a partner? What are all the talents you possess? Again the picture of a lone rider on the bus or tram sets the stage so perfectly.

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    1. This idea, “to have someone breathing next to me”… I’m amazed to come across someone who gets it… Technology has brought us closer to people across borders and farther away from people next to us. But at the end of the day sometimes when one returns home after a tiring competitive day, having someone walking around, doing their thing, or just breathing next to us.. is the most comforting thing in the world.
      I would love to check out your short story.. share the link please.
      No I don’t have any partner and thank you for appreciating the picture with the poem. 😊


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