Hold my hand and run away,

Far from the city lights..

To spend a night in the forest,

Hear the birds sing a lullaby..

To watch the wild game of survival,

As the little deer learns to fight..

See the rain kiss the earth,

An anticipated reunion with the sky..

Hold my hand and run away,

To the mountain shining bright..

Let’s fall, in love then stray away,

Till we carelessly learn to fly..

Β©Hira Chaudhry

Image courtesy: Pixabay

25 thoughts on “Restless

  1. Why after such a beautiful experience, stray away? Why, O’ why? Never mind. After flying, hopefully one finds the other. Nice to see hope in your words. Stay blessed.

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    1. Because to learnt to fly away, one must learn to let go of all that’s keeping one’s feet to the ground.. gaining something, demands sacrifice of the other sometimes… That’s the brutal rule of the universe.. but just like you said, once they learn to flu, and don’t forget about each other.. they might find their way back to each other…

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    1. You see the thing about flying is.. it’s a solo journey… You can fly alongside each other but never together.. holding hands… That’s the sacrifice it requires of those who choose to fly, rather than delve in the comforts of earth..
      Anyway it’s just an observation, imagination… And I’m very glad you like the poem and took the time to share your opinion.. you’re a charismatic soul, just like your blog name. Keep sharing your thoughts,have a great day! 😊❀️

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      1. Well, I feel u gotta point there about flying being an absolutely solo experience, may be together, but not really together.
        And it was my pleasure reading your beautiful piece of work.
        And atleast u got it that charisma is just my blog name, not my name for that matter. It’s just to let others know that I believe in miracles even at the age of 18 while it’s just stories where I read about miracles when I was younger. But then, what really matters in a name? It was very sweet of you to call me a CHARISMATIC SOUL. Loads of love. Have a good day(well it’s night actually. So have a good night technically! ha ha!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      2. Let me expand your imsgination. Learn to fly by carrying someone on your top who knows how to fly but her wings are broken. She will teach you through every inch of the horizon and you will take her through this amazing experience of flying again when everyone thought she will never fly again.

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      3. That’s a beautiful point you got there.. the idea here in this poem isn’t about broken wings though.. it’s about breaking the myth that lovers need to stick together.. why depend on your lover, why weigh them down? Two people can choose to learn and grow individually and still continue to love each other.. In the end, they can always find their way back to each other if love is true and meaningful… πŸ™‚

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      4. A lover apart is not a lover at all. He or she can be anything i.e. a hookup, a friend, an acquaintance or even a potential. And no, all the learning and growing that we do apart, can’t be connected back to our love since there’s none, only a myth, maybe. My 2 cents for disagreeing πŸ™‚

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      5. To me, if someone loves only when you’re in front of their very eyes or physically present there.. that’s not love at all. Love is beyond the concepts of physical presence, distance, age..
        I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this, whether you agree or disagree… Disagreements broaden one’s vision and let us see the other side of the picture.. So, cheers to that! πŸ₯‚πŸ˜Š

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      6. Awesomeness. Rarely I find people welcoming disagreeing as some learning experience. Someone who can’t walk the talk, oh well, what else it will be if not just some talk? In a man woman relationship, sometimes no matter how much you talk, your actions (i.e missing in action) speak louder. The kind of love you just spoke about does not even needs words. That romantic love may suffice some crush or lust but in the long run what is that? A sheer waste of life running after nothing.

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  2. Lovely poem getting deep on the closure, i love the way you ended it as i guess love blossoms when we carelessly care for each other without any obstructions.πŸ‘ŒπŸ“πŸ‘

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