Born with lips so beautiful, but couldn’t utter a word..

Sitting for hours at the window watching the one-legged bird..

Bullied at the school for being so eccentric..

Abused by father for always being a skeptic..

On a mid summer holiday, escaping from the sun..

In grandma’s little cottage, he found a red violin..

They pushed him to the corners for his words were inapprehensible..

The more his fingers and the strings became inseparable..

A boy once running in circles for hours..

Found peace in his violin and the blooming of flowers..

They couldn’t understand him so he was segregated…

Not leaving him alone, now that his music was appreciated..

Closing all the doors behind, shutting out the universe..

All he wanted was the love he felt in singing a verse…

P.S. To all those young beautiful minds suffering from childhood Psychological disorders and the Autism spectrum.. Let’s try to stretch a hand towards them, before they lose faith in humanity and isolate themselves from a world full of opportunities.. Every child deserves to be loved and appreciated the way he is.

©Hira Chaudhry

Image courtesy: Wandalin Strzałecki – The Violinist

36 thoughts on “Segregated

    1. The problem is because it’s not as visible as cancer, it’s ignored while it slowly consumes an innocent life.. Thank you for your kind words, please share awareness among your community too.. I’m humbled that you like it 😇


  1. When the movie Rain Man came out, people did not know how to respond. If they liked the character Dustin Hoffman played, would they be associated with Autism, and others who were afflicted?
    It was easy to dislike Tom Cruise, even if I thought he did a good job, especially with his conversion.
    However, by the early 90’s it was all but almost forgotten. And here we are on thirtieth anniversary of the movie and people are still afraid to talk about it. Beautiful words, wonderful emotion. Thank you.

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    1. And the irony is the ratio of people affected by Autism is increasing drastically with every passing day.. The topic being ignored for so long created a huge gap, which every one needs to fill together by sharing about it as much as we can.
      Thanks for sharing about the movie, I haven’t watched it myself but now I will.. Please share about Autism awareness amongst your friends and family too.. I’m absolutely humbled by you kind words. Have a great day!😇


  2. Beautiful poem taking up such a sensitive subject. I feel easier when he finds the red violin as I realise he found his outlet, his voice.
    Music is a wonder for the player and the audience. Communication so strong.

    Luckily many children with these syndrome do get loving help and thrive. Not all is bad among humans.
    Then again we could wish that every human being was treated with honour and love.
    Thanks for finding my blog this morning, it means I could enjoy yours.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so glad you like it. Well the ratio of autism awareness and acceptance in many developing and underdeveloped countries is still terrible. I met many families who have been hiding their children, not allowing them to go to school or socialize, just because they feel embarrassed… And even if they do get help and acceptance from elders, there’s an increase in frequency of bullying at school by mates especially over the past few years. I hope we teach kids around us too, to be kind to kids who are different…
      It was a pleasure discovering your blog. More power to your pen! 😇

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    1. That is such a beautiful way to appreciate, thank you so much! Trust me, no sorcery is involved though..pure emotion and empathy 😄. I love reading your work too and as it touched your heart I’m hoping you’ll consider writing about the idea too.. 😊❤️


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