The color of your soul, is precisely what my darkness seeks..

The compelling strokes of your brush, creating wild ocean peaks..

These cravings that evoke me, more than I’d like to confess..

The touch of your fingertips, for my body is your canvas..

20 thoughts on “Paint..

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone would like this one…it’s quite deep and you bring us back to reality, offering your flesh as the canvas. Erotic. The picture which invites the eyes is quite surreal also. The blotches of paint pressed on with a putty knife, only the nose and mouth discernable.
    Open, breathing, ready to come to life.
    When I was in CA the last several years, I met a street artist who did murals. It doesn’t sound like an out of the ordinary adventure, however she was blind, and would solicit stores and businesses to let her paint on their open spaces. She brought so much color to San Diego that the city honored her with an all mural day extravaganza. People stood in line to have her body paint them. She was the first friend I made there. She is Jewish, and I a Christian, but I loved her anyway.
    Where did you find this picture for your post?

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    1. Well in one way yes it’s erotic, another way to look at it is the very idea of impressions two people leave on each other.. the colors of their soul imprinted on someone else’s body in the form of love, hate, passion, aggression and all the beautiful emotions.. That’s the beauty of love, how one being affects the other.. intertwined like threads of jute, you pull one, the other one endures the stretch too..
      I found this painting some time ago while looking up for oil paintings and it just struck me like something magnificent..
      Your story of the blind painter makes me want to write another poem, though I haven’t met her but the experience must have been extraordinary… The love we share and the amazing people we meet when we travel is something priceless..


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