Elastic hearts

They walk around the streets,

Wearing perfume on their sleeves..

Looking to share everything but trust,

Laughing for hours but crying first..

Holding hands but shadows apart,

With bodies of stone and elastic hearts..

©Hira Chaudhry

© Image courtesy: Fine art America

12 thoughts on “Elastic hearts

    1. Very kind of you to show your interest in the idea behind the verses.. It’s mere observation, in an era where we’ve become digital zombies.. the fake bubble world we’re living in, the differences I feel compared to what it was like, just few years back. People have lost the idea of trust. I see people crying their hearts out in loneliness then going out to meet strangers, laugh the fake laugh, hold hands and kiss but never being able to trust another soul… As if their hearts have become elastic, as much as they’d like to expand, as much as they’d like to constrict…. The society and it’s loss of emotions is the idea…

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