The healer!

Shall I not devote my heart,

To the One who holds the mountains firm,

And a myriad of stars in perfect constellations..

For my heart is made of glass..

With a thousands cracks running through..

-Hira Chaudhry

20 thoughts on “The healer!

  1. I had to read this six times, but then realized it was simple and to the point.
    In 1967, Israel went to war, and afterwards a call to all global Jews to return home for two years of service, getting their country back in order. There was a family up the hill from us who were both Doctors, and they left their daughter at our house, Michele becoming my 7th sister for a couple of years.
    I watched her go from one relationship to another, sometimes three in a year, and by the time she was 18, I felt she had become splintered, perhaps a thousand cracks running through her.
    Hearts are delicate and fractured so easily, yet only another love seems to repair them. A very beautiful poem…thank you. As a hopeless romantic, I fall in love often…daily perhaps…everyone leaving their mark…or crack upon my heart. I try never to look at it, my heart, so as not to be reminded of the pains that followed such love.

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    1. “Hearts are delicate and fractured easily, yet only another love seems to repair them…” How absolutely true that is.. and I can’t agree more to this! This poem was more of an epiphany when I realized the reason behind those heartbreaks is partly because human love is disappointing in the end and volatile eventually disappearing in thin air, no matter how strong it’s fragrance is in the beginning… So it’s better to devote one’s heart to The Divine, The Creator, for He never abandoned me when everyone else did… Yes the love for another human body will remain and cannot be completely eliminated, but if your heart is suffering too much damage already why not devote it’s sanctity to the purest form of Love!

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      1. If you truly do this, this devotion, because neither the Spirit, Christ nor God can be a physical love, They will send you to someone, or someone to you. However, remembering that neither God nor Science can lie, as great as that love will be, so will be the heartache when it ends.
        I used to crack up when I heard that ‘nuns’ are married to the Christ, forsaking physical love…and that is not what God wants for us at all. He prefers man and woman to be side by side, fulfilling each others physical wants…psychological needs, and developing emotional stability. I wish you well beautiful lady.

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      2. I absolutely agree with what you just said and being a medical doctor I understand that we’ve been created in pairs and the presence of a man/woman in our life is not only physically but also emotionally comforting. If God wanted us to act a certain way, He would have designed us that way, simple! The concept of love, sex and psychology is vast and all three are related but independent variables. The love that I’m talking about here isn’t one that’s related to marriage or physical needs. It’s the love that can even exist between a man and a woman who might have never met, never seen eachother, they might fell in love with their words or thoughts..
        So basically what I’m trying to portray here is a picture suggesting the only love that might last forever is Godly and expecting a human being to never hurt you in the name of love, would be actually asking too much of them. So we may continue loving people around us, physically and emotionally but being in the know of facts might save us some pain!
        Also, I’m very thankful to you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences. They’re very insightful and thought provoking. I always look forward to hear from you 😊 Cheers!

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