Black dog

He shows up in my bed on a night of utter despair…

Making me stay with him for days till I finally begin to repair…

Music is not the healer anymore, food I can hardly chew..

The skies begin to turn dark and everything else is blue..

He feeds on all my attention, making it hard to concentrate..

Concealing it under the mask of humor I tell people; “life’s great”..

They’ll judge me if they see him, consumed by the fear of shame..

A glass breaks thousands of miles away, he tells me “You’re the one to blame..”

He keeps me up at night, barking the loudest he can..

It’s harder to get out of bed and go to work, lookin’ like cavemen..

Pushing me far away from my friends, hitting me with the strongest wave..

My depression isn’t my pet anymore, now I’m his only slave..

If only I can seek help and someone to hold my hand,..

I’ll train my black dog again without needing a magic wand…

P.S. Depression shouldn’t be allowed to grow darker and bigger making easier for it to control us. There’s no shame in asking for help and sharing your true emotions with people close to you. But it’s a shame when we see someone around us suffering and fail to ask “Are you okay, bud?”

-®Hira Chaudhry

©Image courtesy: The scream, Edvard Munch

24 thoughts on “Black dog

  1. Yes the black dog circling! I used to have one or two that appeared when I was heading down that black hole. But oddly enough as I got older, and post menopausal the dogs retreated. I have not seen them now for years. I wish the same for all who deal with those dogs. This is such a good post and so well written.

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    1. I understand it must have been a difficult time for you and you must be a very strong woman to overcome the demons by yourself! Unfortunately I come across people who have been struggling with depression for years and more often they’re young teenagers or senile.. My respects and love to you for sharing your experience, it instills hope and positivity. Thank you very much for appreciating my words, they mean a lot ❤️

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  2. What I think is when people share their actual experience people who are getting affected come out of their bubble to share theirs as well. We could preach about these sensitive things at length but they don’t feel heartfelt unless it’s an experience. I am glad that you shared this. I hope people who do get into this understand that it’s just not them and there’s much more to it.

    Thank you for writing. 🙂

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    1. To feel someone’s pain one doesn’t necessarily have to go through it.. All it needs is to be Human… People are afraid usually to discuss these issues because mental health is still associated with psychosis no matter how advanced a society is in terms of tech and education… These things should be talked about more often, it’s normal… To feel ecstatic enough to let out a scream of joy in the middle of a street or to feel depressed and shed a tear at a bar, if only people wouldn’t make the person feel alienated..
      Thank you for appreciating it. Your encouragement means a lot. The world needs more people like you 😇

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      1. True, I completely agree with what you have said that it takes a human to understand someone. But apparently in this age and day, we find them in lesser quantity though the population is sky rocketing exponentially.

        People feel insecure talking about what bothers them, (I don’t know why I am referring to them as third person). I feel insecure talking about what bothers me and there are a few too many reasons at play which I guess everyone of us might be able to relate to. At the root of all, we are more concerned at what others will think of us than anything else. But like you have said one should be able to scream or cry without feeling out of place. It’s just as natural as anything.

        You’re welcome. 😀
        I think the world needs more people like you. Cheers to you. 🙂

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