Writing a Research report or proposal? Confused? Here’s your friend in need!


 Research is a compulsory part of every subject these days. Submitting a proposal prior to a research report, dissertation or thesis is standard. It is only after the proposal is approved, the work on that particular research project can be initiated.

                You want to know what is important about research, I ask what isn’t?                “According to data from The World Bank, United States alone spends 47.3%
whereas, China spends 52.5% of the total government expenditure on health development issues only.” Medical research will help us to save all that budget which could be spent on other necessities like education.                                                                                                                           Being new to this practice many students become confused or perplexed when filing a mandatory document for their supervisors. This is why a majority do not receive good remarks and are even advised to revise their proposals on the first attempt. The reason behind this can either be due to lack of proper guidance at educational institutions or student’s interest. But interest can be easily developed if the students understand the importance of research in their future career along with some creative modification in the method of presenting the subject of research.
As far as the contents of the research proposal are concerned, they should mainly cover areas such as background, research problem,
research objectives, research questions/hypotheses, a brief review of extant literature, significance or scope of proposed study, research design, study outline, budget and timescale.
For the ease of readers, each component of a research proposal is separately described as follows.

There should be a rationale for the proposed study. In other words, the selected area of research should be justified in the very first part
of a research proposal. It is pertinent to mention here that the rationale must be referenced and backed by literary works.

**Research problem
Under this heading, the main idea of research is discussed comprehensively with all the possible and relevant issues added to it.
This section is written in a very critical manner such as not to exaggerate the real problem but to define its significance to be resolved.

**Research objectives
This section must be dedicated to identifying the main objectives of the study through numbers or bullets.
A research study should have at least three to four objectives, set after reviewing the previously carried out researches on a similar subject.

**Research questions/hypotheses
Research subjects are sometimes picked from research questions and hypotheses.
These questions are opted for when the finding of answers is aimed at, whereas hypotheses are picked if testing of the assumptions is intended.
It is decided in accordance with the requirement of the projected study. Both can be presented with the help of bullets or numbers.

**Literature review
This is the most substantial part of a proposal. The section critically represents the findings of previously carried out researches.
Outline the background of your idea and build your discussion logically towards the research proposal.
A brief overview of secondary data should be given under this section.

**Significance of proposed study
Make your proposed study different and unique from the previously studies on a similar subject by stating facts and comparative analysis.
In this regard, differences based on approaches, subject areas and methods can be taken into consideration.
The expected contributions of the proposed study in the existing literature should also be expressed in the portion.

**Research methodology
This component is designed to identify the exact course or road map of a research study. In simple words,
you as a researcher defines how you would conduct the proposed research study under it.
Therefore, the segment proposes methods that strictly comply with the nature of a projected research study.
It should be noted that a proposed method such as survey, interview, observation, focus group, field notes, etc.,
should not only be described but also justified under the heading of this crucial part of a proposal.

There should be a detailed outline for a proposed study. The structure of the whole study should be explained while
identifying the main chapters of the study.
Moreover, all the main headings and their subheadings should be clearly mentioned.
In this way, the segment distinctly shows all the possible areas intended to be covered under the projected research study.

Research work also needs money to be carried out. The estimation of the required budget is requisite to understand whether
the expenses on the research project are affordable for the researcher or not.
Though students sometimes are financed by educational institutions or other supporting organisations, these also require a
full-fledged plan of expenditures for assessing the need of a student before providing him or her with financial support.
For this reason, students should scrutinize the feasibility of carrying out the research work within the available funds.

Another important factor is the management of time required. This section is designed to clearly discuss the consumption of time
expected during each and every step of the research. Additionally,a Gantt chart (a bar chart stating the starting and finishing dates of proposed actions)
can also be drawn for the sake of better representation of project management within an applicable time frame.

Hope this turns out to be helpful.. If you have any queries feel free to comment 🙂



Too often we are fooled by this whimsical notion that we are the masters of our destiny… The reigns of everything around us lies in our mighty hands and things may have been much different if we acted otherwise… “If I said this instead of that.. If only I took those steps… If only I asserted a little more.. My fate would have been ameliorated, my life would have been an emblem of perfection!”

What we fail to realize is, it’s absolutely the other way round… The things that surround us are actually the in command! I tried… I did everything possible.. Ran in every direction… Searched all the dry wells.. But when the things that surround us want to go the other way, we cannot possibly hold the reigns of all forces  together… We assert! We try! We moan! We beg! But then the epiphany occurs waking us from the fool’s paradise.. We realize even if we don’t give up.. we cannot make everything else to work with us..

Sometimes we’re just Helpless!


Have you ever longed for something for so long, worshiped it, yearned for it,, prayed for it with wet lashes and hands folded, that something that brings you on your knees over and over again….??

That one thing which is the central gravitational force holding your whole world together, around which your universe dances and praise..

That very thing that makes you run blindly, barefoot, head over heels, on the slightest chance of you getting closer to it…

Have you worked for it for so long that you’ve lost count of days and years and all facts and figures.. That it seems like that very thing has belonged to you even before your soul came to existence.. An immortal relationship of you and your longings….

But what if, what if it all just disappears.. not the things that you desire, but that feeling.. of running into walls for it, that hunger, that languish, that ache, that hope, that spirit, that reckless courage it instilled into your very pores… What if all of it, becomes merely a vague illusion.. What if you sleep at night like any other ordinary day, and wake up in the morning, feeling Numb!!


Sometimes, being incognisant might be a blessing…


I kept staring at the beautiful painting of Lake Saiful Muluk for a long time, with a feeling of delight and admiration in my eyes.. A beautiful lake, perfectly surrounded by snow covered mountains, like a fragment of imagination from an extraordinary poet.. Just too good to be true.. Or maybe it was..

How many times in a day we go through pictures of grandiloquent mountains and mystic deserts, beautiful lakes and serene beaches.. Pictures of children playing, lovers holding hands, girlfriends smiling and celebrities dancing…  There are always two sides to every picture, one that we show to the world, and one that’s on the other side…

The explicit side is usually a depiction of smiles and colours and comforts and joy, objects we all need to solace our vexed souls… Then there’s the implicit side, which shouldn’t necessarily be dark or pitiful, but usually not as colourful as the virtual image… Even the beautiful lake was painted on a blank plain canvas but look how beautiful it turned out to be..

Though it makes me wonder if the people living in those mountains have a life as tempting as their surroundings? Or the children in that sepia shaded photograph, laughing and playing in mud have enough clean clothes? And that overwhelming painting of lovers holding hands firmly like they’ve never ever separated since the moment they united,  will be exactly like that in the next moment?

What lies behind everything that we see, this persistent curiosity, this distressing feeling of being unaware maybe too intriguing to avoid… But sometimes looking at the perfect picture and believing everything it says is more effective in comforting our minds than knowing the truth.. Sometimes, being incognisant is a blessing..!!

After the Rain…


I have myopia..

You know… Short sightedness.. There’s a certain point when everything just becomes blurred and I just can’t figure out what’s ahead of me…. This feeling of uncertainty while taking a step down the stairs or looking for a pin on the floor doesn’t make me feel lost.. But it’s the uncertainty of the twists and turns that my life keeps taking…. It scares me..

What if I end up in the wrong direction..? What if this isn’t what I want..? What if the ones that I have faith in, break my trust over and over again? Is it ever going to get any better.. What if it doesn’t?  What if the pain never subsides? What if this pain makes me bitter and I become a totally different person..?

And just then I hear the trickling of water.. I hear water knocking on my window.. Calling me out… And as soon I open the window I feel the fresh breeze kissing my cheeks.. The rain embracing me… Washing away all my fears and uncertainties.. And with every drop falling on the leaves and roof and cars and window panes and the empty tin cans, playing a beautiful symphony for me.. Making me smile…. And by the time it ends I can see everything so clear even in the darkest of nights, without any correction glasses,  or anything at all.. I can see everything falling into its place…. I can see everything clear,,,, after the rain..!!

Dusk to Dawn_


Since Childhood to Adulthood we are taught

that the time before a nightfall is Dusk and before the beginning of every new morning the Dawn arrives.. But I always believed there’s something that exists in between them…. The time which usually goes unnoticed, when most of the untold stories are born, when the most provocative thoughts come to existence, when all the life changing dreams are woven… The time when a poet expresses the most distressing phases of love.. When a dutiful mother and wife thinks about her shadowed past… When a young boy is wondering about how to make his country better and better.. When the old grandmother secretly sheds a tear which her pillow quickly absorbed…  There’s a secret time zone which no one ever talks about… The time between Dusk to Dawn…..

October Mornings…


I like this time of the year….

Perfect October mornings with snow-white clouds… when the leaves on long patterned branches of trees have turned into a beautiful shade of russet…. and gold…

As I step out of the stone-walled school building, I absorb the mild fragrance of wet soil… The morning breeze greets me by kissing my cheek bones, as I watch the pale yellow leaves falling down, arranging themselves to form the most perfect portraits.. And as the wind blows they walk in its direction, without any resistance… They let themselves fly freely, you can hear them rustling.. like innocent children giggling….

On a beautiful morning like today, there’s no better place to be… than a lover’s warm embrace__!!