After 38 years of life,

Falling in love,

Having two children,

A boy and a girl..

When the nurse finally unfolds her bandage,

She sees for the first time and says:

“Life is beautiful”…



“In my dreams; I run, I run far away… From all those thoughts, that leave me astray..

From all those I love, for whom I cry and pray…

In my dreams; I stop, I stop and reflect back… At all the broken pieces piercing through a sack..

At all the fallen leaves that wince and crack…

In my dreams; I run, I run to a mountain.. Nevertheless in vain..

There’s no running away, for it resides inside me,,

I tear apart my chest, and find a spark and pain…”


2d7da6eb96ce0ee85bb10d3eda2901faI’ve always wished to have wings.. To be able to fly on my own and run my fingers through clouds… I guess we all do.. Right? But what for? What excited Da Vinci’s imagination about the possibility of soaring through the skies that he presented “The flying Machine” to us..? Why did the Wright brothers were so fascinated with the gliders that they changed the course of human civilisation by giving virtual wings for generations to fly.. Was it just a means to travel distances in a shorter period of time or an endless desire to connect.. to connect where we all came from…

Yes, we all came from the same place… Remember? How Adam had to leave his true home.. “The Heavens” in order to make this world a beautiful place.. A new  home, a family… But did he forget about the place he belonged to? No..! Afterall, we are all his family too.. Why wouldn’t we wish to fly back…



If I set you free…..

“If I set you free…. into the bright dense fields, into the deserts and the oceans, into the lap of the very nature we were created from, would you find yourself?

Would you dance to the rain trickling down your toes, would you make peace with the dark nights that haunt your soul? Would you find peace singing beautiful poems all by yourself? Would you find joy spreading your wings over the oceans? Would you feel serenity walking the forests on a starry night?

Indeed! It’s wretched, the world that we are in. To escape from the cobwebs of friends and enemies. It’s a constant fight, a fight with many casualties. But the peace we find holding hands after this exhaustion, the solace it brings flying in the clouds together. It’s the very nature of me and you. The sanctuary from all our inner beasts and demons. This safe haven, to be tangled in the threads of another existence, is worth fighting for, it’s worth a lifetime, watching stars brighten the night sky, together….”
-Freedom, by Hiraa!


Sometimes, being incognisant might be a blessing…


I kept staring at the beautiful painting of Lake Saiful Muluk for a long time, with a feeling of delight and admiration in my eyes.. A beautiful lake, perfectly surrounded by snow covered mountains, like a fragment of imagination from an extraordinary poet.. Just too good to be true.. Or maybe it was..

How many times in a day we go through pictures of grandiloquent mountains and mystic deserts, beautiful lakes and serene beaches.. Pictures of children playing, lovers holding hands, girlfriends smiling and celebrities dancing…  There are always two sides to every picture, one that we show to the world, and one that’s on the other side…

The explicit side is usually a depiction of smiles and colours and comforts and joy, objects we all need to solace our vexed souls… Then there’s the implicit side, which shouldn’t necessarily be dark or pitiful, but usually not as colourful as the virtual image… Even the beautiful lake was painted on a blank plain canvas but look how beautiful it turned out to be..

Though it makes me wonder if the people living in those mountains have a life as tempting as their surroundings? Or the children in that sepia shaded photograph, laughing and playing in mud have enough clean clothes? And that overwhelming painting of lovers holding hands firmly like they’ve never ever separated since the moment they united,  will be exactly like that in the next moment?

What lies behind everything that we see, this persistent curiosity, this distressing feeling of being unaware maybe too intriguing to avoid… But sometimes looking at the perfect picture and believing everything it says is more effective in comforting our minds than knowing the truth.. Sometimes, being incognisant is a blessing..!!

A Fiasco….


Have you ever asked yourself…. Why?

Why do we close our eyes… at times when it isn’t necessary to shut them and not capture the beauty of those moments within the memory cells of our beautiful amazing eyes? Why do we close our eyes when we kiss or dream or laugh so much that it hurts the abdomen or when we feel the first breeze of fresh air on a beautiful autumn morning? Why do we close our eyes when we can actually live the dream? Because it’s the feeling that matters and not the shape of its physical existence.. The feeling of accomplishment of an imagination…. that came across your mind while walking a deserted street or in the darkest hours of night just before the beginning of a new day.. But then there are those kind of dreams.. We see with our eyes open… And those dreams are ones which make us lost in imaginary conversations and scenarios how we can turn them into reality…. I lived a dream with my eyes wide open and lost in its struggle of survival and it took me so long to realize that its existence was nothing, but a Fiasco….!!